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Skilled labor

skilled labor

Expat Personnel has an extensive recruitment network spanning six continents and can source competent laborers forĀ  any client worldwide.

Farm workers


Expat Personnel assists in finding skilled and experienced farm workers from across the world to help farmers from any country with work on combine harvesters, irrigation systems, tractors, and more.

Seasonal workers


Amusement parks, summer camps, national parks, resorts, museums and many other companies have found HR solutions by employing expatriates for seasonal work. Expat Personnel provides seasonal workers to employers in need of extra staff for between 4 and 8 months of the year.



Expat personnel has provided international education institutions from across the world with skilled teachers for a manner of subjects from ESL teaching to history and mathematics.

Au pairs


Expat Personnel can assist families and companies in need of responsible caregivers to find au pairs from various countries.