Expat Personnel

Expat Personnel

Worldwide Provider of International Talents
Providing clients with qualified personnel from across the globe in a cost-effective and efficient manner

About Expat Personnel

Expat Personnel taps into our extensive recruitment network to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Whether looking for skilled labor, seasonal workers, farm workers, educators or au pairs Expat Personnel assists our clients in identifying, finding, and connecting with industry leading talents from around the world.

More About Us

With humble beginnings in a Bachelor’s apartment to growing into a company with vast connections and recruiting platforms across six continents, Expat Personnel has been committed to providing clients with Human Resource solutions that fit their needs.

With our extensive worldwide network of resources, recruiters, trainers and interviewers, we have grown into a company who screens over 3000 individuals seeking employment abroad every year.

We’ve managed to utilize our hopeful employees to satisfy the needs of companies from across the globe who’ve realized that hiring expatriates has various benefits.

Today, we’re one of the world’s most comprehensive HR services providers who pride ourselves in assisting our clients in growing their companies and improving business success.